…the harmonies of Liberty…

These words begin a deeply inspiring congregational Hymn that many of our fellow Americans who are African American and Black readily recognize…let’s stand up…reach out to one another…and join together with strong voices to make this stanza of “Lift Every Voice” real for America today.

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Need help getting connected with telemed?

Are you a medical or behavioral health provider and need help getting set up to reach your clients remotely during these times of social distancing? The MAO Telehealth Resource Center can answer your questions and get you connected from A to Z, including assessing what you may need, set-up, and staff orientation.

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Voices count! #CoverAlabama – What would Medicaid Expansion in Alabama mean to you?

Economic, sociological, & health data supports expanding Medicaid in Alabama. A growing coalition of organizations & voters agree the need for expansion is now urgent.  How many lives could be saved from COVID-19?  Do you agree? How would expanding Medicaid benefit you and those you love even when the current crisis ends? Share your voice with the coalition partners at Cover Alabama and with the leaders for the State of Alabama.

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We’re continuing to serve you during the COVID-19 crisis!

The public’s health and overall quality of life remain priorities for Medical Advocacy and Outreach (MAO). During the COVID-19 public health crisis, MAO will be implementing procedures which support the directives issued by state and national public health authorities to reduce the risk of possible exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

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Improving the quality of health and life in rural South Alabama

Whether you are seeking FREE HIV or Hepatitis C testing, or someone living with HIV in need of medical or behavioral care and social services, you can turn to Medical Advocacy and Outreach. Consider yourself an active adult? PrEP is available to insured and uninsured clients who have tested negative for HIV to stay that way. If you are an expecting mother or considering becoming a birth mother, ask about the HOPE Program. Want help educating your group about HIV, STI’s, Hepatitis C, opioids and substance abuse, or even overall sexual health? MAO’s Community Education team provides educational training in a developmentally appropriate way based on your group.

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