Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO) not only remains dedicated to providing compassionate, quality medical and behavioral healthcare to those living with HIV, Hepatitis C, Diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, but actively promotes and encourages local, regional, state and national conversation about the issues impacting our patients with life-threatening illnesses; the equality of medical and behavioral care; and access to care, particularly those living in the rural areas of the South.

In addition to customized presentations for schools and community groups relating to HIV and Hepatitis C prevention education, MAO Team members, alone or in collaboration with a growing list of peer-respected, professional colleagues, are available to speak in formal and informal settings on topics including:

  • the national healthcare debate;
  • the current state of HIV specialty care;
  • healthcare technology and innovations, like telemedicine; and
  • healthcare in the rural south.

E-mail or call Thomas Stephens, Media Relations Specialist, at (334) 673-0494, extension 3020, to be guided to the MAO team members who may best address your interests and information needs. Please take a moment to explore the wealth of resources available from a few of our colleagues.

AIDS United

Alabama Department of Public Health

amFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

Southern AIDS Coalition