Wednesday, August 29th 2018

8:00 AM

Provider Professional Development

August 29, 2018, 8 am to 12 pm CST

Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Referral Training

Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO) and Alabama AETC are thrilled to invite you to expand your knowledge through this next LIVE training event from our colleagues at Provide with support from Alabama AETC.



MAO Learning Center

2530 Fisk Road

Montgomery, AL 36111


Provide is a nonprofit that works in partnership with health and social service providers to build a health system that is equipped to respond to women’s health care needs around unintended pregnancy and abortion.

Provide brings over 25 years of experience working within the healthcare industry to support professionals. Now in the fourth year of our Referrals Program, having trained over 3,000 health and social service providers across 10 states in referrals for abortion care, Provide brings a depth of knowledge around introducing difficult topics in the workplace and equipping providers and administrators with the tools and resources necessary to offer abortion referrals in their settings.

Provide offers CEU-eligible professional development training and technical assistance for health and social service providers on how to give accurate, informed, and non-judgmental referrals for unintended pregnancy and abortion care.

Together, with your expertise in the care and well-being of your patients or clients, we can help you:

Deliver integrated, compassionate, quality care to women who are experiencing unintended pregnancy

Improve patient/client experience and satisfaction

Retain a priority patient population with greater ability to meet patient needs

Develop skills in counseling clients about their reproductive health needs

Presented By:

Alabama – MAO – Medical Advocacy and Outreach

Contact Number: 334-239-7432

Event Type: Live Presentation