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Transportation Assistance

Transportation to and from medical and service appointments is available to registered clients and varies by County. MAO’s Transportation Specialists will assist patients in coordinating the most appropriate method of transportation to maintain appointments with their provider, including:

  • Taxi Service
  • Bus Passes
  • Private Transportation Reimbursement
  • RTA
  • MAO Direct Transport – Transportation Services in the River and Wiregrass Regions (at present)

Patient transportation support and assistance services are available to those who need it. So get in touch and let’s keep you on track with your provider appointments.

To discuss your transport needs, call our appointment line at 1-800-510-4704.


MAO-Transportation-Consumer-Waiver Form

Both form sets will be required for service to be provided.

NOTE: Emergencies occurring outside of MAO facilities requiring hospital care should not rely on MAO transport. To guarantee expedient care, call 911 or your local hospital for emergency transport.