Alabama AETC must receive notification of your event at least 30 days prior to the scheduled training date. If you are requesting additional support such as travel and logistical assistance for your event, additional notice may be required. For CME requests, please provide notification of your request 6 months prior to the scheduled event.

Prior to your event, please submit your event request along with all required attachments to

Once your request has been processed, Alabama AETC will provide you with a link where participants must register online for the event in advance. You may also elect to use paper registration forms for participants. We will also provide you with an evaluation form to be completed by each participant upon completion of the training. You are responsible for ensuring all participants complete both the registration and the evaluation form for your event. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Alabama AETC.

CEUs will be processed within 3 weeks of the training event and emailed to the training coordinator at your organization.

For more information, contact KC Vick at