Food Pantry

Weight loss and malnutrition continue to be common problems with HIV and can contribute to HIV disease progression. The A healthy diet improves quality of life, and good nutrition helps the body process the many medications taken by people with HIV. Good nutrition helps keep the immune system strong, enabling a person living with HIV … Read more

Find A Provider

To find the MAO service location and provider nearest you, please call MAO’s toll free number: 1-800-510-4704. MAO operates two full-service provider clinics in Dothan and Montgomery, a third in development, and 10 Alabama e-Health satellite clinics across twelve South Alabama counties. The team members of MAO’s Copeland Care Clinics represent some of the most … Read more

Alabama e-Health: Rural Healthcare of Tomorrow Today

MAO operates a state-of-the-art telemedicine network consisting of two full-service provider locations, a third in development, and 11 rural patient satellite clinics that represent MAO’s Alabama e-Health Initiative. Patients benefit from direct care as well as counseling and social service assistance via Alabama e-Health. When you visit your MAO provider or social worker, ask about … Read more

 Copeland Care Clinic!

Welcome to MAO’s Copeland Care Clinic! MAO’s Copeland Care Clinic was among the first to offer a holistic approach to care in South Alabama following the identification of HIV/AIDS. Most of the specialty services required to treat your HIV or related life-threatening condition can be found within the MAO service divisions and its community partners. … Read more