Dental Clinic

“If you, or someone you know, is living with HIV/AIDS, the American Dental Association recommends that dental health care be part of all HIV/AIDS treatment plans. That’s because people living with HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to infections including dental infections, which can affect their overall health.” – American Dental Association

The MAO Dental Clinic is part of MAO’s comprehensive approach to quality patient care. Your mouth may be the first part of your body to be affected when infected with HIV.  Because infection with HIV will weaken your immune system, this means you will be susceptible to infections and other problems. Dental and mouth problems related to HIV can be painful, which can cause trouble chewing or swallowing. Oral health problems may prevent you from taking your life-sustaining HIV medication and, if left unaddressed, could lead to malnutrition.

Allow Drs. Dominique and Carl Shamburger, and their professional team help you manage your oral health. They are a valuable part of your MAO or Copeland Care Clinic team.

Call 1-800-510-4704 and make the appropriate selection from the prompts, or to contact the MAO Dental Clinic directly, call (334) 239-9704.

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