MAO Dental Clinic

MAO Dental Clinic

Need a general dentist? We are here for you!

In 2017, Medical Advocacy and Outreach (MAO) opened the doors to the MAO Dental Clinic. Within the first two months of operation, the new Dental Clinic was already supporting the needs of more than 200 clients.

What was initially a direct response to the absence of routine dental and oral health care for people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV, has grown to become a popular choice for anyone living in the Montgomery, regardless of pre-existing health condition.

In the Spring of 2021, MAO started to roll out a more comprehensive menu of new MAO Dental Clinic services as the agency welcomed Dr. Lori Wilson, DDS, MPH, FACD, as its new Dental Director.

General Services:

Preventive services

Adult prophylaxis

Comp exams,


Fillings (white and silver)

Dentures, partials


Lori Wilson, DDS, MPH, FACD
Named Secretary of the Alabama Dental Society in 2021

Call (334) 239-9704
or (800) 510-4704 for an appointment.

MAO Dental Clinic Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

8:00 AM – 8 PM

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The Dental Clinic Team

Lori Wilson, DDS, MPH, FACD

Taylor Gandy
Front Office Assistant

Jebreta Hartley
Dental Assistant


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