Support Group Information

Receiving a diagnosis of HIV, Hepatitis C or any potentially life-threatening illness can be very isolating. Many people frequently cut themselves off from the world when diagnosed. However, isolating yourself can make living with a diagnosis worse. When sitting at home alone, it is common to think you are literally alone, without support, compassion or understanding. Isolation leads to poor health, depression and may even result in thoughts of suicide.

Don’t rob yourself of living life while living with potentially life-threatening illness. You are not alone. Join a support group and benefit from the experiences of others like you. You may find answers and you will definitely find understanding and friendship.

Support groups can be particularly useful for people feeling vulnerable or anxious because of ill health, lack of confidence, immigration, poverty or being unable to work. Support groups are about just that – support! Individual counseling sessions are available, but Support Groups create opportunities to improve overall state of mind and spirit.

Patients of MAO benefit from gaining access to FREE regular support groups facilitated by experienced counselors and peers. At points throughout the year, guest presenters are invited and fun activities planned to allow participants to explore areas of interest together.

As a result of COVID-19, most support groups are currently being held virtually. If you are a patient of MAO, ask a member of the MAO Behavioral Health Team, your social worker or your medical provider about MAO Support Group signing up.

In addition to general support groups, MAO also offers support groups specifically geared to expectant mothers living with HIV as well as those engaging in substance abuse intervention therapies and treatments.

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