Angela’s Closet (formerly the Hope’s Closet)

At Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO), our mothers living with HIV are an extended part of our family. Positively impacting their physical, psychological and social well-being is the underlying goal. With that said, many of our mothers require more than such health support, but support for actually taking care of their baby while both undergo treatments.

Angela’s Closet, formerly Hope’s Closet, is like a living baby shower to provide as best we can from items purchased and items donated by way of the Support the Moms of Hope fund-raising efforts and baby registries through Walmart and Amazon. New mothers can usually look to the Closet for items such as:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby lotions
  • Baby care equipment
  • And more

About the Renaming of this Critical Resource for Mothers

As the healthcare provider for MAO’s perinatal women, Dr. Angela Lowery, who left this world as a result of COVID-19 in the fall of 2020, was passionate about caring for women during such a special time of life. For many of MAO’s perinatal women, pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood is an overwhelming time, often exposing more than healthcare related needs. To her patients, Dr. Lowery was more than a healthcare provider—she was a safe and trusted heart. She celebrated happy times with new moms and carried burdens with them during dark, uncertain times. She went above and beyond to help her perinatal patients find not only healing, but hope. Dr. Lowery understood that a woman could be healthy on paper but have lingering unaddressed needs that cast an unnecessary, unfair shadow over what should be a happy time. MAO has utilized grant and donation funds to provide things like car seats, cribs, baby care items, postpartum meal delivery and house cleaning services to further support our beautiful moms and their babies. In her honor, MAO has renamed this supportive program, “Angela’s Closet”, to ensure sure the legacy and passion of Dr. Angela Lowery continues to live on, bringing hope to women for years to come.

In addition to the Closet now boasting Dr. Angela Lowery’s name, MAO has established The Dr. Angela Lowery Memorial Fund. Once the principal or seed donation goals to the Fund have been met, proceeds from the Fund will support Angela’s Closet as well as other programs and services of H.O.P.E. benefiting women and mothers in MAO’s care.

Contact your MAO Social Services Team to discuss your needs. Eligible mothers must be a patient of MAO.