Community & School-based Education

MAO’s team of health educators actively partner with schools and community groups to combat HIV/AIDS and save lives through knowledge. Education and outreach initiatives, including those advocating the value of testing, impact nearly 4,500 Alabamians annually.

With each presentation, MAO learns more as well. The information captured by team members engaged in these activities and the data published by research authorities inform presentations in more formal settings that advance issues beneficial to overall public health, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Diabetes, and the treatment of other life-threatening illnesses.

Working in partnership with MAO’s Capacity Building Division Team and the MAO Learning Center, MAO’s Community Education Team members are eager to work with you to develop presentations that educate while respecting individual and cultural concerns.

Sample presentations include:

  • HIV 101
  • Hepatitis C 101
  • Diabetes and HIV

MAO’s Community Education Team also welcomes invitations throughout the year to present or exhibit with free onsite HIV testing.

Call 1-800-510-4704 and elect from the prompts provided or e-mail the Community Education Team today!