Become An Advocate

Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO) not only remains dedicated to providing compassionate, quality medical and behavioral healthcare to those living with HIV, Hepatitis C, Diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, but actively promotes and encourages local, regional, state and national conversation about the issues impacting our patients with life-threatening illnesses; the equality of medical and behavioral care; and access to care, particularly those living in the rural areas of the South.

In addition to customized presentations for schools and community groups relating to HIV and Hepatitis C prevention education, MAO Team members, alone or in collaboration with a growing list of peer-respected, professional colleagues, are available to speak in formal and informal settings on topics including:

  • the national healthcare debate;
  • the current state of HIV specialty care;
  • healthcare technology and innovations, like telemedicine; and
  • healthcare in the rural south.

E-mail or call Thomas Stephens, Media Relations Specialist, at (334) 673-0494, extension 3020, to be guided to the MAO team members who may best address your interests and information needs.

The best advocate for quality medical and behavioral healthcare is YOU! Stay informed, share your thoughts with your representatives, and participate when possible in programs that improve the quality of life in your community.

Please take a moment to explore the wealth of resources available from a few of our colleagues.

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amFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)

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