There is so much your support can do for MAO and the thousands who benefit from the specialized care and services MAO provides.

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Your tax-deductible contributions help improve the quality of life throughout South Alabama and make it possible for MAO to provide:

  • Compassionate, culturally competent, quality medical and behavioral care to people living with life-threatening illnesses.
  • Social and case management services that connect those in need to necessary care, services, medications, housing, food pantry access, transportation to and from medical care, and community referral.
  • Support and encouragement like that found in support groups and activities critical to positive mental health, self-esteem, treatment adherence, and individual development.
  • Professional development for the regions providers and remove barriers to diagnosis and care that keep the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and related illnesses high in Alabama.

Types of Support

  • Make an Individual Cash Donation. Use the convenient links above, or if mailing your donation, please make checks payable to MAO. If you would like to support a special campaign effort, please reference your preference in the memo area.
    Donations by mail can be sent to:
    Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO)
    Attn.: Doug McCloud or Dianne Teague
    2900 McGehee Road
    Montgomery, Alabama 36111
  • Make a donation of in-kind goods or services.
  • Make a sponsorship commitment of an event, like the Tread Walk & Fun Run or World AIDS Day, or specific service on behalf of a business. (The deductible amount of sponsorships can be reduced by the value of obligated recognition and/or marketing of a sponsor’s involvement.)
  • Support one of MAO’s Shop & Give Partnerships through Amazon Smile or Until There’s A Cure.
  • Host a fund-raising event in the community to benefit MAO.
  • Make a Gift of Stock – You may choose to contribute to MAO by transferring securities rather than making a direct contribution of cash. By choosing this method of giving, you will not pay any capital gains tax on your gift, and you may be able to claim a Federal income tax deduction based on the full fair market value of the securities on the effective date of your gift.*
  • IRA Charitable Rollover Extension – Until Congress changes regulations, take advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover provision. You can monitor the changes and variations to the associated provision from the associated pages at gov. *

Consider the following when choosing what form your support will take:

  • Endowed Funds establish permanent investments and provide an ongoing source of support for MAO, allowing MAO to be less vulnerable to economic cycles.*
  • Term Endowments are established to be spent over a specific time period, after which all or part of the funds become available.*
  • Legacy Giving, including bequests, living trusts, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and life income gifts, can provide a donor with considerable tax savings as well as an income for life, while also providing continual income for MAO.*
  • Recurring Gifts and Year-End Gifts are a significant source of funding that helps close the gap between grants and earned revenue each year. The annual gifts of thousands of individuals and organizations help ensure continual innovations and achievements, as well as day-to-day program success.

*Consult your tax advisor.

Questions? The following MAO team members will be delighted to assist you with additional information or helping you define your support based on their areas of expertise:

Doug McCloud – General Donations, Small Business Sponsorships and Hosted Events – (334) 481-1602

Dianne Teague – General Donations, Large Corporate Support and Donor Advised Gifts – (334) 315-5421

Lynne Zaris – Government and Private Grant-based Support – (334) 356-1369